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Medals for sponsored athletes

This weekend two sponsored athletes from Role Bonito won medals at two different events. Robson Ramos (GFTeam Berlin) competed for the first time as purple belt and won the German Cup 2018 (DBJJO) in Master 1 middle weight category, being second on the open class. Alex Fialho (BJJ Akademie Berlin), another purple belt, won the No-Gi superfight of the Kings of Karalis tournament in Cagliari (Sardinia), against Matteo Brodu. Watch Kings of Karalis! (Alex Fialho from 25:00 on)

Jiu-Jitsu as a therapy

A few years ago, during a very non-healthy period of my life (hanging out a lot, smoking and drinking, no exercise whatsoever), I started to develop a little insomnia which didn’t worried me at first, I mean… everybody has had a sleep disorder at some point or another, isn’t it? However, after a couple of weeks it escalate to a constant body illness. Panic attacks began to strike me at any given moment of the day forcing me to leave...

BJJ foreigner in Lisbon

It’s been a couple of years since I moved to Lisbon and one and a half since I started BJJ training at Royce Gracie Portugal, under Hélio Perdigão. I hold my three stripes white belt with proud for many reasons besides mere training, it has been quite a journey. I moved out from Mexico three years ago in order to study, firstly in Madrid and later, due to odd circumstances, here in Lisbon I took the chance to move in since...

Jiu-jitsu and chess

We often see people comparing jiu-jitsu to chess and if you practice both, the analogies are inevitable. I have no freaking idea what's on other people's minds, but I can talk for myself. I haven't seen published any deep article about this topic and this text won't fulfill that aim either. These are just a couple of personal ideas about something many of us like and I hope it adds some lights to establish parallels between both sports. Though I'm still...


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