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Onna Bugeisha, the Female Martial Artist

Gentle like cotton, sharp as a sword Being a martial artist that happens to be female, I have always marveled at the stories of historical warriors that happened to be female, such as the Onna-Bugeisha (女武芸者) or Female Martial Artists in Japan. As a little girl I wore princess dresses but was concealing at least a few plastic or wooden weapons such as katanas and daggers (I mean, you never know what or who you meet [...]


BJJ, Fascia, Stretching and Foam Rollers

Nowadays foam rollers are extremely popular. In order to get rid of specific tensions in the body, become more flexible and mobile, many BJJ practitioners foam roll before and after training. But what does actually happen with our bodies or with those areas we foam roll? Additionally, I usually bruise very easily whilst sparring, especially when I haven’t been sparring for a while due to sickness or an injury. During my Yoga teacher training I did not properly train BJJ [...]


BJJ and Yoga, the Arts of Alignment

Recently, Yoga, or rather Asana, which is the physical aspect of Yoga, has become increasingly popular in the BJJ community. My boyfriend, Alex, and I are in that respect a prime example of this trend as we just graduated from our RYS 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course under Yogacharya Lalit Kumarat Himalaya Yoga Valley, Goa, India. Even though I practiced Yoga before BJJ, it was only after my BJJ-related lower back injury that I started to comprehend and appreciate [...]


Jiu-Jitsu as a therapy

A few years ago, during a very non-healthy period of my life (hanging out a lot, smoking and drinking, no exercise whatsoever), I started to develop a little insomnia which didn’t worried me at first, I mean… everybody has had a sleep disorder at some point or another, isn’t it? However, after a couple of weeks it escalate to a constant body illness. Panic attacks began to strike me at any given moment of the day forcing me to [...]


Grappling with my chronic lower back pain

In February 2017 during the Munich Open in Germany I entered the competition with lower back pain. Many people in my gym suffer from lower back pain too, so I did not pay much attention to it in the beginning. That was over six months ago and the complaints steadily increased. During the fight I realized something was really wrong and visited my doctor soon after. After a MRI scan it became clear: I had a herniated disc. Having a [...]


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