Onna Bugeisha, the Female Martial Artist

Gentle like cotton, sharp as a sword Being a martial artist that happens to be female, I have always marveled at the stories of historical warriors that happened to be female, such as the Onna-Bugeisha (女武芸者) or Female Martial Artists in Japan. As a little girl I wore princess dresses but was concealing at least a few plastic or wooden weapons such as katanas and daggers (I mean, you never know what or who you meet [...]


BJJ foreigner in Lisbon

It’s been a couple of years since I moved to Lisbon and one and a half since I started BJJ training at Royce Gracie Portugal, under Hélio Perdigão. I hold my three stripes white belt with proud for many reasons besides mere training, it has been quite a journey. I moved out from Mexico three years ago in order to study, firstly in Madrid and later, due to odd circumstances, here in Lisbon I took the chance to move in [...]


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