White Belt Base 2.0 Copy Copy

White Belt Base 2.0 Copy Copy

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BJJ white belt for adults, suitable for intense training sessions and competitions.

We use standard sizes for our belts. All sizes have approx. 1.77 in (4.5 cm) wide and 0.19 in (0.5 cm) thick.
The current measurements may differ by about 3.93 inches (10 cm) for each size:

A0 is c. 96.45 in / 245 cm long
A1 is c. 102.36 in / 260 cm long
A2 is c. 112.20 in / 285 cm long
A3 is c. 118.11 in / 300 cm long
A4 is c. 124.01 in / 315 cm long
A5 is c. 129.92 in / 330 cm long
A6 is c. 135.82 in / 345 cm long

Made 100% cotton
Several layers of fabric (for more durability)
Eight (8) stitching points (for more stability)
Black bar for the insertion of the degrees
Comply with the competition rules of the IBJJF

This model is also available in blue, purple, brown and black.

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Gewicht 0.300 lbs

A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6


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