Ultra Lightweight – Navy


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This blue BJJ gi belongs to the ultra-lightweight series, the lightest BJJ kimono on the market. It was released by the claiming of the customers to have an inexpensive uniform on Role Bonito’s assortment, that could also be ideal for competition.


➜ It’s made of 100% high-grade cotton
➜ Pre-shrunk fabric Pearl Weave 250 gr/m² jacket with EVA foam collar
➜ Jacket is regular fit cut
➜ Extreme lightweight
➜ Pants are 8 Oz. and use rip-stop military technology


✔️ Pants are adjustable with a drawstring (in white)
✔️ Pants are reinforced on the knees
✔️ It fulfills required for the international Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition rules


● The design is very simple and discreet
● Blue fabrics with white stitching
● Labels and tape in orange and white
● Waistband in white
● This Gi has no patches

Aprox. weight of the set:

A1 = 1115 gr / 2,458 lb
A2 = 1205 gr / 2,656 lb
A3 = 1160 gr / 2,557 lb
A4 = 1320 gr / 2,910 lb

The Ultra Light BJJ Gi is also available in other color combinations.

Additional information

Weight 1,6 lbs

A1, A2, A3, A4, A5


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