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Road to black belt: the white fun

This is a series of posts on my personal journey towards being promoted to a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by Romania’s jiu-jitsu pioneer, Tudor Mihaita. In the 12 years it took to get here, I’ve learned a lot, adjusted my expectations a great number of times, almost quit, got injured, got married, had a child, started teaching, and I am still here, on the mats, at least every other day. If you are a jiu-jitsu practitioner, maybe my [...]


BJJ foreigner in Lisbon

It’s been a couple of years since I moved to Lisbon and one and a half since I started BJJ training at Royce Gracie Portugal, under Hélio Perdigão. I hold my three stripes white belt with proud for many reasons besides mere training, it has been quite a journey. I moved out from Mexico three years ago in order to study, firstly in Madrid and later, due to odd circumstances, here in Lisbon I took the chance to move in [...]


Jiu-jitsu and chess

We often see people comparing jiu-jitsu to chess and if you practice both, the analogies are inevitable. I have no freaking idea what’s on other people’s minds, but I can talk for myself. I haven’t seen published any deep article about this topic and this text won’t fulfill that aim either. These are just a couple of personal ideas about something many of us like and I hope it adds some lights to establish parallels between both sports. Though I’m [...]


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